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Hi guys, I have tried and tried but cannot get my email to work properly.

I have a Wordpress install and I am using Contact Form 7 as the emailing plugin. I have tested it and it works fine for sending emails to my [email protected] address but will not send emails to the domain addresses such as admin@my_domain.com.

Thanks in advance.


Hello RobPNCBC, Sorry to hear you are not receiving emails on your domain email address when working with Contact Form 7. It sounds as if you are saying that external emails are receiving emails but internal emails are not. Is it specifically the admin account or have you tested other internal email addresses? Is this the only email address you are having issues with? Have you confirmed your MX records are pointing correctly to your domain email server? As this seems to be an account specific issue, you may want to contact our Live Support team so you can provide them with settings, etc. They may be able to take a look in the email logs to see if there is any issue or response there as well. Kindest Regards, Scott M