About Hosting Multiple Websites Before Upgrading

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Dear Community Team of Inmotion Hosting,
From what I have learned about Inmotion Hosting, i see that you guys have hosted hundreds of websites with multiple domains and subdomains to the point that you guys end up becoming one of the best hosting company out there. I found that I would also like to learn how did you guys do such a thing without having to spend extra money on servers and higher hosting plans since I personally am creating my site (with currently 1 domain and 9 subdomains) that will not only allow my customers to create their own site but also collaborate with other customers or students (since the site is a school) to the point where they will not only create a total of 150 subsites on the sudomains (I am talking about the sites on the multisite wordpress feature) but also another 14 subdomains. Then, on top of that, there will be a total of 80 people (this is for both teachers and students) uploading 6-7 files each with 2mb along with making at least 2 pages and 8 posts for wordpress and 10 courses on moodle every week for the first and second year of my school in operation (when it is accepting students on 2022 and 2023.
On the third and fourth year of its operations, I am planning to have another 10-20 members into the school and with the same number of files and data resource usage (which is every person will be uploading 6-7 files each with 2mb along with making at least 2 pages and 8 posts for wordpress and 10 courses on moodle every week) as 2022 and 2023 except this time I will add a third party video call feature plugin that will allow me to chat with 50 people per chat as part of the curriculum that I am doing and also for collaborative efforts and a chat room within one of the subdomain where all 100 members can actually chat with one another through that room for homeworks and other activities. I would like to know which hosting plan would actually support my site or platform without actually getting to the point of resource overage or CPU overload? I am trying to use this knowledge to craft my business plan on how to upgrade my hybrid boarding school (which is both a traditional classroom school and online school). Thanks
Andy Lai

P.S This does not exclude the 200 total comments, hypothetically, that will be posted on my platform along with the fact that the platform will have 50 subdomains in the first year and second year and then another possible 13 in the third and fourth.
Hello Andy,

Thank you for your question on which plan would best fit the design of your site. In what you describe, you will almost certainly need a higher plan such as a dedicated server. You may, however, be able to start off on one of the VPS plans and then upgrade as you need. There is no need in getting a server that has resources you do not yet need since they cost more.

Your bandwidth is not unlimited in VPS and dedicated server plans, so this may also be a consideration for upgrade at some point. Regardless of which plan you are on, if you start getting to the point where CPU and resource usage becomes an issue, our System Admin team will reach out to you to advise you of options.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M