How Can I 'Set Margins' with HTML?

  • Answered
With HTML, how do I move text (a paragraph and a bulleted unordered list) to the right of where it currently displays?

Here are the details.. I'm building my new website with Wordpress, which is new to me, as is HTML. I have a one column page with an image that is left aligned. I have a 2 sentence paragraph and an unordered list to the right of the image . Both the paragraph and list are left justified on the page so they begin displaying immediately to the right of the image. I want to 'slide' them to the right to create some white space between them and the image. I don't necessarily want to center them (I figured out how do that with the title of the list but not the list itself). I just want to slide them to the right a bit, probably trying out some different 'margins' like this until I see what looks best on the page.

How can I do this in HTML in Wordpress?
Hello, Thank you for your contacting us setting margins in WordPress with HTML. One possibility, is using a "blockquote" tag, which indents a section. Learn more about the blockquote tag here. To manually adjust the margin, you could add them to your "&ltp&gt" tag such as suggested in this post:
&ltp style="margin-left: 170px; margin-top: -23px;">Your paragraph copy.&lt/p&gt
You will have to modify the margins to fit your specific site. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul