My BoldGrid homepage is gone

  • Answered
Hifidel theme was just updated to 1.4, so changing theme is not an option unless there is somewhere I can find the older version of it??? But since messing with the blog settings the site now looks for blog posts and now my awesome hopepage will not display just say "not found" on my home page instead of my actual pictures. Anyone know how to get the blog and forums out of my website? Hide comments widget did not work,
Hello, Sorry for the problem with your homepage being gone. It does look like you've designated your title page to posts in the Customize tab. You should be able to select a specific static page for your front page. Check out How to use the Advanced Tab in the BoldGrid Customizer. That should get you back to the proper front page. If you continue to have problems with the issue, please indicate the URL you are using and we can look into the issue in more depth. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.