XML-RPC WordPress plugin problem

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On a fresh wordpress install, I'm unable to activate Jetpack (plugin), and get a 404 Error Not Found message. According to Wordpress's site: If you get an 404 Error Not Found message, contact your web host. They may have security in place that is blocking XML-RPC.



I've gone through every known possible remedy on my end. File permissions, SSL certificates, etc. Is there something going on server side? I had no problem connecting this plugin on other wordpress installations on the same server...

Hello mysupervet, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the XMP_RPC error in WordPress. This is a common issue with JetPack installations. It is simply due to a rule in our security set. You can have this rule relaxed so that your account can use it. As this is a specific account change, you will just need to make the request to our Live Support team. Kindest Regards, Scott M