[Prestashop] Hipay Walet payment not displayed

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I am using the prestashop module Hipay Walet on my online shop https://icinger.com. It is working very well.
But on my new website https://obioscan,com, Payment by Hippay never shows. Do you know why ? Paypal + Payment By Check are working.
Bye the way I checked Hipay Wallet is enabled for all of the currencies / countries. I also tried to reinitialize the module and enable the zones again, as it is stated in page 10 of the documentation ( https://www.hipaywallet.com/dl/HiPay_Wallet_Prestashop_Configuration_Guide_EN.pdf ). But it didn't work.

Any idea ?




Thank you for your question on PrestaShop. I checked the forums and found this as a possible solution.This is straight from the PrestaShop support forums.

So basically, the simple fix is to open your PrestaShop database, select the ps_configuration table, and find the row with the name "HIPAY_PROD"

For me, the value field was completely blank. You need to change the value field to "1"
If you're using PHPMyAdmin, you may need to delete the row, the re-insert it using the same information (excluding the value field).

If that does not work please let us know and we will investigate further.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens