Customer Create Account on Abantecart run website doesn't work right!

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I've just installed Abantecart to use on my website and I'm currently running simplystylish template. I have a question regarding Abantecart customer account creation: I am currently trying to make test accounts but there seems to be nothing happening on my website application; The customer is not notified of what happens next and neither does any of the data go into my server for any sort of verification or storage. Also no mails have been sent to the desired mail Id regarding any new order or customer!
Please help!! you can check for yourself right here : wwwDOTskysoukDOTcom/home is the website; I'm currently running the application through godaddy with whom I have bought the website and the hosting.

I've also been receiving messages daily on my abantecart app but I do not understand the relevance or how to stop/solve the same.
1.Your server is unable to create a session necessary for AbanteCart functionality. Check logs for exact error details and contact your hosting support administrator to resolve this error.
2./home/skysouk/public_html/home/system/config.php file needs to be set to read and execute modes to keep it secured from editing!
3./home/skysouk/public_html/home/index.php file is writable. It is recommended to set read and execute modes for this file to keep it secured and running properly!
4.Can't send emails. Please see log for details and check your mail settings.

Please help!

Thank you for your questions on AbanteCart and sorry for the issues you are having with the account creation. From the errors you are asking about, it seems that there needs to be some configuration on your hosting server side. You will need to contact GoDaddy Support do they can assist you with the permissions and check the email settings and logs for you. This may assist with the account creation error, but these do need to be addressed first to rule them out.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M