Why are my files failed to transfer while backing up?

  • Answered
I tried the instruction provided on how to backup files and it's working but while downloading many files failed to transfer. About 20% files only successfully transferred. What should I do? is there a problem with my site or files? Please help. Thanks
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your files downloading. Unfortunately I am not able to locate an account with us to get a reference on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to do a cPanel to cPanel transfer, making a full cPanel backup will ensure you get all your files, databases, etc. If you are simply trying to download all the files in your root folder, you may want to compress (or zip) them into a single file on the server so when you download, you are only taking a single file. In this case, databases will generally need to be backed up separately. Kindest Regards, Scott M