Customer phone number problem in PrestaShop

  • Answered
When guest checkout is enabled the order and account creation forms will not accept any phone numbers.
I have made the phone number optional in the back office, but whenever I input a phone number (in guest checkout, and address creation after registration) , I get a "phone number is required" error. It doesn't matter whether the phone number is in the correct format for that country or not. When I disable guest checkout, everything works fine.
I just updated from (where it was working) to I am using the default theme, have no non-native modules enabled, and the only change that I have made not through the back office is described here
Many thanks for any help.
Hello Deigam5, Sorry for the problem with PrestaShop and the "phone number required error." I did some research on the issue and it was apparently an issue that was addressed in versions 1.4 and 1.5x, but I'm not seeing any specific solution for it in 1.6x. The issue is discussed in the PrestaShop Support forum here, but the issue seems to end un-resolved. I also ran a fresh installation of PrestaShop and I couldn't find the area you're referencing in making the phone number optional. Can you please describe how exactly you are doing that? We can research the issue in more depth after you give us this information. Apologies that we can't answer the question immediately, but please provide the information requested and we will be happy to research the issue further. Kindest regards, Arnel C.