Transferring Domain with Email

  • Answered
I have set up a client with IMH hosting, website, and a primary domain. I need to transfer an additional domain to this account from another registrar, and use it as a parked domain, pointing to the primary domain. This additional domain also has email attached to it (MX record pointing to Google) which needs to be reconfigured to continue working after the transfer.

I have read over how to transfer a domain, change an MX record, set up a parked domain, etc.—But I need some clarification on a few points:
(1) What is the best process/order to achieve all of this the most smoothly and with the least downtime for the second domain and my client's email accounts?
(2) Should I transfer the domain over, WITHOUT redirecting the name servers—until after I've set up the MX records in IMH?
(3) I am under the impression that once the domain is moved and the MX records are reset to point to Google, all of the associated email accounts will go back to working just as before—Is that true?
(4) And in addition, what kind a time frame am I looking at, so that I can let my client know how long their email may be down? Will the email accounts be on hold for the 7-10 day period that the domain transfer is in progress?
Hello mmgweb5, Thank you for contacting us about transferring a domain with email. I recommend adding the new domain to your cPanel first, so you can setup the MX records. We also have a tool for Setting up Google Apps in cPanel. Then, point the nameservers to InMotion. This should result in no downtime, as long as the MX records on our server, and the old server are the same. Mail hosted with google should continue to function. Finally, you can initiate the domain transfer via AMP. The transfer process should not affect email functionality, since you are just changing where the domain is registered. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul