Site displays the taxes added to the product vs the cost (product)

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New Product added, TAX Class Taxable goods - entered the net product price of $4.95 and the gross price appears as $5.59 -- the challenge - when viewing the live site - the product appears as $5.59 vs the $4.95 - how do I get the product to appear as the net cost? Building the site in Canada so provincial taxes need only apply at check-out...thank you for your help


Thank you for contacting us about issues with pricing setup in OsCommerce. Please see our full guide on How to Add a Product to osCommerce. It explains the product options in-depth.

Products Price (Net): Enter the dollar amount you make after deducting additional cost.

Products Price (Gross): Enter the total dollar amount you make before deducting any other additional cost.

Essentially, OsCommerce shows customers the "Gross Price," and the "Net Price" is how much margin (profit) you are going to make on the product.

I don't see where tax is affecting this result. Here is a link to our helpful guide on Setting Tax Rates in osCommerce.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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