Gallery3 image upload -CPU_problem

  • Answered
I recently purchased a web hosting account. I am currently installing my photos in the Galllery3 software. I have been emailed by support that my usage of the "add a photo" upload utility in the Gallery 3 software is causing a CPU sever load problem. that may result in suspension of my new account. The images are around 2 or 3M. I am new to this hoster and in the process of moving and reloading my Gallery3 picture albums . My old hoster did not have a problem uploading my images into gallery. I don't see another way to upload pictures to a Gallery3 album. The upload program resizes the images into a thumbnail and a standard resize set to 600px . It also creates information about the resize and thumbnail in a MySQL DB that the program uses to dynamically create the online album displays. How do I use the Gallery3 program to not cause a problem with this server and still get my photos uploaded to my photo album?? Gallery3 is one of the listed programs that is listed as a popular install for this hoster.

I apologize for the emails you have received. The size of the image does not matter but having multiple or long convert processes do. I would suggest trying to either resize the images locally on your machine or upload one a time. This software usually does not cause any problems which is why I am curious to why it is now. Please let us know if the emails continue to come.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens