Wordpress setup cannot write config file + more

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Migrating my site over to a new location and have a IP address/ ~domain name. When I set up it cannot write the WP config file plus I have a whole other set of issues that occurs after I get the site loaded.
For example I can't use my plug-ins without having to put FTP access in each time. Other issues are I cannot write my media files to the server as I get an permissions error, cannot write to the uploads folder.

I've also contacted in motion about this issue and they suggested that I contact this Community support section as they have checked all my permissions and they look good, they figure that it may be a WordPress issue.

I've migrated my files twice in hopes the second time would fix the issue. Any help appreciated
Hello Rbd, That can be fairly common as an issue. Can you provide the errors you are seeing when trying to perform either of these actions? We suggest using a host file modification to trick your computer to thinking a domain resolves somewhere where it doesn't. Best Regards, TJ Edens

Sorry to hear you are having WordPress migration issues. I'm not sure why Support would send you here as we cannot deal with any account specific issues. Have you tried a fresh copy of WordPress as a test? Does it work or does if give you the same errors? You say you get an error about it writing to the config during setup. What are all the exact steps you are taking that lead to this error? What WordPress version are you using? What PHP version are you using?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M