Prestashop Shipping Carrier/Cart Error Quandry

  • Answered
Today I deleted my Shipping Carriers in a misguided effort to clean the page up and zero in on a bug we had which featured customers acquiring Free Shipping without any sale, or any trail of acquisition. We're losing money on shipping, which pushed me over the precipice toward messing with the settings. I tried following longwinded tutorials and then calling inmotion for help, they recommended I just reset my Prestashop database. I am doing that. But in the future, I want to understand how this works.

I'm using prestashop 15.5 or whatever it is...didn't upgrade yet because that's a project for after I fix the issues present.

Starting from scratch, how would one manually add shipping carriers? Second, how do I check that the Customers have the ability to enter their shipping address and to have their products' shipping calculated for them? Right now they receive an error telling them that where they live is not a valid location for shipping.
Hello MaineFloatrope, Sorry for the problem with your Shipping carriers. The problem that many Ecommerce developers face is how to create a system that will meet a wild variety of possibilities for shipping or taxes, and other features that store owners face. These interfaces will often not meet specific needs. So, like WordPress, the best way to handle this issue was to let the users solve the problems and provide modules (free or paid) that could solve problems on a regional, personal, or needs basis. If the built-in options to add a shipping carrrier don't work for you, then you should take a look at the many shipping options that are available in PrestaShop via add-on modules. Here's a good example of one that is not free, but is from a pretty reputable developer: Localized Shipping Module Add-on. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.