Problem in Prestashop Product page INFO block

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My website has been up and running just fine for about two weeks. Today 8/2/15 I did my regular daily check of the website and discovered the following line of code in the Product INFO box of EVERY product:
Please navigate to

Notice the line of code in the INFO box. Before you ask, NO, I was not working on the website. I simply checked the customer side and discovered the issue. A line of code does not belong in there. I certainly did not put it there. Please assist, this site is live.

Please navigate to:

Sorry to hear you are having strange things appear on your product page. I did some checking for you and line 484 was added to the product.tpl file on Saturday, Aug 1 at 4:17pm. This change was made from the same IP address that normally accesses the account. It is not an issue of the account being changed by an outside force, so if you have someone working with you, just advise that you always want to make a copy of any files you are changing in case you need to revert.

Since the change was made on Saturday but did not appear on Sunday, this is likely due to the time on the PrestaShop cache.

To correct the error, simply visit that file (product.tpl) and remove line 484, which is the line that say:

Kindest Regards,
Scott M