Font color issue in cache.

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Please navigate to:
Note the light colored gray font on much of the page ie: "send to a friend"...etc.
As you know, Prestashop 1.6 uses cache instead of global.css when you do an INSPECT ELEMENT. In this case I did an inspect element and found the color code in a cache. I went in an changed all codes from light gray to green. The changes had no effect at all on the website. The gray persists.

Although this is a commercial theme, the default theme is doing the same thing.
Please take a look at this and assist me in finding what else is helping to control this. I can't find it.

Hello Bruce, Thank you for your font color question. If you have changed the correct settings and are still seeing the original color, it will likely be the cache. Remember that PrestaShop is displaying this code from cache files. You would need to locate and either rename or remove that file in order to have PrestaShop recreate a new one. Kindest Regards, Scott M