InMotionFans asks: I am new to the department (and IT world) and was given the project of setting up an internal wiki page for our department. I have a great deal of do...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-17 11:23 am EST
dgbishop asks: My main website is hosted by a third party. Recently, when Inmotion was hacked, my domains were moved to other servers ans new passwords. My redirec...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-17 08:14 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I'm currently considering an inmotion hosting reseller account. I'll be wanting to host a number of low traffic Drupal websites. Do resell...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-17 05:59 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I would like to cancel the McAfee 1 Email Protection Pack, the day I added it my spam doubled and has been worse ever since. Please cancel this. It ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-16 05:38 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I am trying to set up my prestashop and the categories bar on the top of the page isn't showing the right categories. I currently have 2 categori...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-16 12:30 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: i am working on xampp,making database,and i connect them with php,in one of my table,name vehicle_maintainance,there is an attribute maintain_cost,i w...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-16 09:04 am EST
FacuPuig asks: EMAIL: DOMAIN: QUESTION: Hi there, I am looking to migrate to Inmotion but actually I have a reseller account in a local busi...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-15 11:41 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I'm getting ready to launch my first site built with Craft CMS and looking for a web host. Does InMotion shared/business hosting meet the followi...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-15 11:25 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: My site used to check out via paypal. Now it does not. I followed the instructions from your support area making sure everything was checked that ne...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-15 09:22 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: i am trying to log into ftp sever (pure-ftpd) using filezilla with ssl/tls enabled. problem that i have is whenever i try to log in with my valid cre...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-15 08:45 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I want to require visitors or existing members to login with their email address before visiting a particular page. The rest of the website is open. I...
2 Answers
Asked 2014-11-14 04:47 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: A few of my employees have desktops and laptops and, unfortunately the desktop is using Outlook 2007 where their laptop is 2010 or even 2013. The que...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-14 02:27 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: This is the error message the person received who tried emailing me a message you sent could not be delivered to one or more of the recipients. this...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-14 11:29 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I have installed tikiwiki through Softaculous to the address to receive the following email. Congratulations, the software wa...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-14 05:31 am EST
poultonweb asks: I do host several sites with inmotion. I've recently changed my htaccess file to reflect sef urls (search engine friendly). I've noticed tha...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-14 12:46 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Recently I saw that there was a way to change the theme applied to my cPanel. So I started looking through the available options in the dropdown to se...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-13 11:50 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I just registered a .melbourne domain name. Can Inmotion host the website with the .melbourne domain once I update the name servers?
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-13 06:01 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Dear .. I have installed my backup ( Joomla site ) to my new server with your ,and when I want to run the installation of my backup : www.eskani.c...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-13 12:59 am EST
InMotionFans asks: when i put in the nameservers to point my blog from wordpress to inmotion, it's not working. I did it on monday night and still nothing. when i...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-12 07:19 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi, i was trying to buy the 12 month "launch plan" and i could not proceed as i was getting that message: "You appear to be having trou...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-12 02:34 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Quiero hacer un plan de contingencia en caso la plataforma fallara, por ejemplo como restaurar el backup de la base de datos, ¿que pasos debo s...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 06:41 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: After update PrestaShop to 1.6 on the main page of t...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 04:37 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I implemented a redirect for shared ssl, but get this error: Error! Cannot get module data. when I select the products or categories tab in the esho...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 01:33 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I implemented shared ssl on c-panel, but am now getting error 404 not found when redirected.
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 12:55 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: How do I implement shared SSL on eshop, I have a Power Plan account. Is a Power plan account considered a business account? I am new to this, so plea...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 11:56 am EST
InMotionFans asks: i connect my form using php with xampp database,i connect 3 forms to my database table,while connecting the forth form,i have gota an error i-e ERROR:...
2 Answers
Asked 2014-11-11 06:45 am EST
Jaynemoggy asks: I have office 365 and windows 7 on my laptop. I use outlook to access work emails and it was working perfectly for about a week after I installed it....
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-11 06:31 am EST
Gerry_26 asks: Hello , My question is if the server (where i'm hosted) can support the flash website :) i work with Magix Website maker and it offers me also ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-10 05:04 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Easiest way to go from MySQL to MySQLi for older systems
3 Answers
Asked 2014-11-10 03:48 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Im having trouble with my prestashop site. My "add to cart" button is gone on my prestashop 1.6 ive been trying for a long while now to get ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-11-10 01:10 pm EST

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