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2013-02-13 10:03 pm EST

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Our Concrete5 install is giving us errors we've never seen on any other host. We've tried to install various version of the CMS but we always get the same errors. The first issue came up on the install screen. Two of the "Testing Required Items" get stuck in a loop and the rainbow wheels just keep spinning. This can be seen at We can get around this by installing COncrete5 through the cPanel. Once it's installed though we get the same stalling problem whenever we add or edit a Block. The Error Logs don't show anything. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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Did you ever get past this? I am finding the same thing today, so apparently it is still an issue...
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2013-10-23 12:01 pm EST
<div style="background-color: #FFF; padding-left: 10px;">Hello KenWilson, and thanks for commenting and letting us know these problems might still be persisting.

Are you also attempting to access your Concrete5 installation over the <a href="" target="_blank">temporary URL</a>, or just using one of your domain names? Sometimes accessing a CMS over a temp URL can lead to redirection issues.

Are you also getting any specific error, or simply encountering a looping scenario like was originally mentioned?

If you can let us know the steps you are taking, we can attempt to replicate these problems and provide a solution for you.

- Jacob</div>
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2013-10-23 12:32 pm EST



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2013-02-13 10:42 pm EST
Hello Nappa,

We're going to need a little more information to troubleshoot the issue. First, I tried looking at how your installation is configured, but certain configuration files were not present (in the test4 folder). What domain did you specify during the installation stage? If you used your primary domain, then that will be the most likely source of the issue since your domain is not pointed to our servers. Additionally, you mention that you installed it twice. Did you remove the previous installation before proceeding with the current one? Please provide us some information on the installation and we will be happy to investigate into the issue further.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.

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I was using one of my domain names, not the temporary URL. No specific error is returned, it just continues to loop within the initial installation checks, as reported above. The first check is for, "Supports concrete5 request URL's" and the second is for "Cookies enabled." I am starting with a blank site, and the current Concrete5.6.2.1 install. Had not modified anything until after I began troubleshooting. I can confirm the "Softaculous" automated install works fine (tested that too), but was simply trying to do this manually.
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2013-10-23 12:49 pm EST
<div style="background-color: #FFF; padding-left: 10px;">Hello KenWilson,

So I did some further digging after I also tried a manual install of the latest <strong>Concrete5 (</strong> from their website, and also encountered this hanging scenario when attempting to manually install it.

It seems that the <strong>Supports concrete5 request URLs</strong> and <strong>Cookies Enabled</strong> checks both hang with the little loading icons just continuing to display.

This seems to be happening due to a ModSecurity error on the server getting triggered when the install process attempts to access the <strong>concrete/js/jquery.cookie.js</strong> file.

It turns out that a lot of people experience this issue, and the easiest solution I've seen that I've confirmed fixes it, is just directly access the setup part of the install and skip the check screen with the following URL format:

<pre class="code_block" style="width: 500px; white-space: normal; margin-bottom: -30px;"></pre>

The ModSecurity error appears to keep happening, but it doesn't stop you from finishing the install process. Another alternative would be to <a href="" target="_blank">disable ModSecurity with the cPanel Modsec Manager</a>, and then install Concrete5, but we would highly discourage leaving ModSecurity fully disabled as it can help protect your website against a lot of common threats.

Aside from that it sounds like the <strong>Softaculous</strong> install still works without any issues, and appears to be the exact same version as a manual install so I would recommend using that if you keep encountering problems.

- Jacob</div>
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2013-10-23 6:01 pm EST

2013-10-23 7:03 pm EST
Thanks so much Jacob. That is great to know. And, yes, eventually I ended up just going with the automated install, as you pointed out it was the same version. Appreciate the follow-up!

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<div style="background-color: #FFF; padding-left: 10px;">Hello KenWilson,

No problem at all, glad things worked for you with the automated install.

- Jacob</div>
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2013-10-24 2:25 pm EST
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