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Secure and speed up your WordPress sites with a high-performance managed WordPress VPS powered by UltraStack.

Fully Isolated VPS

Privacy, security, and 100% dedicated resources for your WordPress site.

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WordPress Performance

NGINX with advanced caching, load balancing, PHP-FPM, and Redis.

High-Availability Cloud

99.99% uptime by utilizing triple failover redundancy.

All production plans run one site for optimal performance and security.

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All-In-One Dashboard

All-in-one platform for site management & publishing.

Built for Performance

Faster loading times with NVMe SSDs and Redis.

24×7 Customer Support

Get expert support via chat & ticket when you need us most.

Money-Back Guarantee

Industry leading money-back guarantee on all plans.

WordPress VPS Powered by UltraStack

Fully Isolated Server

40x faster speeds with 100% dedicated resources, server caching, and optimization tools.

UltraStack Infrastructure

UltraStack gives your WordPress site better performance, faster speeds, and increased reliability.

Redis Persistent Object Cache

Redis performs background operations on your server’s database, caching, queues, and data structures.

Root Access Available

Access your VPS with a SSH key to leverage WP-CLI and other server commands.

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Redis Persistent Object Cache

Redis performs background operations on your server’s database, caching, queues, and data structures.

Free SSL & Dedicated IP

Get direct server access and encrypt your data and web traffic.

eCommerce Optimized

Stay protected with servers optimized for PCI compliance, security, and speed.

Website Backups

A complete solution to manage WordPress  backups, restorations, and update protection.

The Best VPS Configuration for WordPress

NVMe SSD Storage

InMotion’s WordPress VPS Hosting plans use NVMe SSDs for up to 40x faster I/O speeds. The massive increase in performance enables WordPress sites to gracefully handle the bandwidth, databases, and data storage.

UltraStack Infrastructure

UltraStack is a custom-built server stack that supercharges hardware performance with finely tuned caching mechanisms. The servers are ideal for high-traffic websites with dynamic content and eCommerce features.

99.99% Uptime

Get the power and reliability of the cloud without the high cost. All of our VPS WordPress servers provide triple failover redundancy, ready to spin up if needed over our high-speed network. Keep your WordPress site online 24/7.

 Advanced Security

DDoS and malware protection keep your website safe and your WordPress clients happy by protecting it from a wide range of attacks.

WordPress VPS Hosting FAQs

What is WordPress VPS Hosting?

WordPress VPS Hosting is a specialized virtual private server designed specifically for WordPress, offering a high level of security, performance, control, and uptime.

Security – InMotion Hosting uses fully-isolated cloud servers that secure your data and prevent cross-infection from other WordPress sites. Each site also gets a dedicated IP address to enhance site security and prevent blacklisting due to other sites on the same server. 

Performance – WordPress VPS Hosting provides 100% dedicated resources, including vCPU, RAM, and SSD storage, for each website hosted on the server, ensuring faster page load times and improved site performance.

Control – WordPress VPS Hosting is the best option for users looking for more flexibility and control over their server environment and settings.

Uptime – Rooted in cloud technology, each WordPress production server has triple failover redundancy measures in place to keep your site online 24/7.

Does VPS Hosting help speed up WordPress?

To be fast, a WordPress site needs VPS hosting with features such as high-performance vCPUs, solid-state drives (SSD), sufficient RAM, and optimized web server software. 

Our WordPress VPS Hosting platform leverages a custom-built infrastructure to optimize your hosting environment to exactly what WordPress needs to perform. You get the raw hardware performance of a custom stack with layered caching that allows you to fine-tune directives for caching mechanisms.

With top-notch hardware, software, and server infrastructure, your website will be able to handle any amount of traffic and deliver a smooth, responsive experience for your visitors.

Benefits of hosting WordPress on a VPS include:

  • Servers Optimized for WordPress
  • PHP Workers
  • Apache and NGINX Reverse Proxy
  • Advanced Caching Layers
  • Redis Persistent Object Caching
  • Dedicated OpCode Cache Pool

Why is a fully isolated VPS better than a shared server for WordPress?

A fully isolated VPS is better than a shared server for WordPress because it offers dedicated resources for vCPU, RAM, and storage. With a VPS, the resources are completely separated from other users, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities. An isolated server also provides better performance and more control over the server environment, which is crucial for managing a WordPress website with custom configurations and resource-intensive plugins.

In contrast, when other sites on a shared hosting server use up the shared resources, it can cause performance issues for all the sites on the server, including slow page load times, server downtime, and even crashes. Since all the sites on the server share the same resources, such as vCPU, RAM, and bandwidth, if one site experiences a sudden spike in traffic or resource usage, it can impact the performance of all sites on the server. Additionally, if a site on a shared server is compromised due to security vulnerabilities, it affects the security of all the other sites on the server, putting them at risk of data breaches or malware infections.

Why are PHP workers important for a WordPress site?

PHP workers are important for a WordPress site because they enable the server to handle multiple requests simultaneously, allowing for faster page load times and improved performance, especially during periods of high traffic or resource-intensive tasks. PHP workers also offer better support for advanced features and WordPress plugins that require additional processing power.

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