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When renting a VPS server, what exactly are you getting? Basically, you are paying a fee for being able to control your server as if it were a computer sitting next to you. Well, almost.

What does renting a VPS mean?

It simply means that you are paying for use of a VPS. Unlike a typical consumer product where you buy something and own it, you are paying for the space to host your files. This includes the infrastructure that connects you to the internet, the physical location where the server is placed, and the actual server itself.

From a cost stand point, it would be far more expensive to own your own server because of the aforementioned traits. Let's say you wanted to run your own server. You would need the following:

  1. Hardware
  2. Network Connection
  3. Reliable Power Source
  4. A Secure Environment


If you decided to buy your own server, this would essentially be a dedicated server where you would then break space to form VPS nodes. But with a physical server, you would be responsible for hardware performance, ensuring uptime, and keeping the OS up to date.

The cost of this can quickly add up. Hardware costs initially may be all upfront, but the cost in terms of time spent managing the server could add up quickly.

Network Connection

Having a reliable network connection is key. Also of importance is having a fast connection that is able to handle all of your needs. When it comes to fast connections, that normally means higher cost for faster speeds from an ISP.

If you plan on having lots of customers either as website hosts from reselling hosting, they will consume a lot of data and can quickly eat away at your monthly limit. This may be more than what you signed up with your ISP which can lead to overage costs associate with your server.

Power Source

Power like an internet connection is key. No power means you are not online. When you rent a VPS from a hosting company, there are backup power sources to keep you online in the event of a blackout or some other situation that turns the power off.

A Secure Environment

If you were running your own server out of your house, where would you put it? Is it safely placed behind a locked office with 24/7 security? If not, then you are faced with the possibility of theft which means not only the loss of your data, but of your customers as well.

Renting a VPS is Cheaper

The above points are all examples of how quickly costs can add up. Renting a VPS is clearly cheaper than owning your own server. Not only that, but it's safer and offers greater protection while keeping you and your customers online.

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