InMotion Provides the Best Virtual Private Server Hosting

Being the best takes time and effort. InMotion has been in the hosting industry for over 10 years. This experience has given us a little perspective on what it takes to be the best. So what exactly does it take?

  • Providing the best features
  • Giving you the tools to stay online
  • Understanding your needs


What makes our features so great? That's simple, they are all geared to keeping you online and making your VPS management easier. We provide free automatic VPS data backups for accounts under 10GB, multiple ISP coverage, and 24/7 managed support. All of this works together to keep you online.

The Best VPS Tools

We provide you the tools to manage your VPS. This includes free licence's to both cPanel and Web Hosting Manager (a $425/year value), SSH and optional root access. These tools allows you to easily access your VPS from a remote location, manage your clients, and keep your VPS up to date. Read more about our VPS features.

Understanding Your Needs

We understand the needs of our VPS customers. Whether you goal is to be a hosting reseller, manage multiple websites, develop applications, or just build cool websites, we know what you want. Our support team is comprised of individuals who themselves build sites, write code, and tinker with computers.

Speed and performance is a must. Read more about how we make your VPS operate faster here.

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