How to Create a Recipe in WordPress with WP Recipe Maker

In this article, we’ll show you how you can easily create recipes alongside WordPress posts using the WP Recipe Maker plugin. Recipes are created as separate custom “posts” but associated with standard posts.

How to Add a Recipe to a Post

Here, we’re going to create a new post and add a recipe to it.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Create a new post
  3. Add your post content
  4. Click the WP Recipe Maker button at the top of content field

As prompted, you may begin filling in the recipe data.

Recipe Name
The name as it will appear on the recipe card
How many servings the recipe produces (helpful for calculating nutrition facts)
The individual amount and ingredient required
The steps required to make the recipe

Now that you’ve added a recipe to this post, you can edit both the post and recipe from the same location.

How to Edit a Recipe

As we did above, we will go into our posts area, select a post, and edit our recipe from there:

  1. Select Posts from inside your Dashboard
  2. Select the post associated with your recipe
  3. Click the Edit Recipe button, or click within the recipe itself

Alternatively, you can edit your recipes from within the WP Recipe Maker interface. If you click Manage under WP Recipe Maker, you will see a list of all recipes and the parent post associated with it.

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