Sexy Contact Form WordPress Plugin

In this article, we will walk you through the process of installing, configuring, and implementing the Sexy Contact Form plugin to insert attractive contact forms on your WordPress site.

What is Sexy Contact Form?

Sexy Contact form is a contact form generator plugin for WordPress that will allow you to easily make attractive contact forms to your visitors to easily contact you with. While not in the free version, the pro version also allows you to insert an easy to use captcha into the site as well to reduce incoming spam to your inbox as well.

How to install Sexy Contact Form for WordPress

Installing Sexy Contact Form is quite easy and is done right through the WordPress admin dashboard. Installation can be done in just a few simple steps.

  1. First, log into your WordPress dashboard and click on plugins on the sidebar to the left. Then, click on “Add New” at the top of the page. This page will allow you to install any plugins in the WordPress plugin database that may be available for your WordPress installation.

  2. When searching for the words “sexy contact form” within your WordPress admin, the first result should be the one you want. Simply click “Install Now” to begin the installation.

  3. The Sexy Contact Form plugin will then be installed to your WordPress site. To activate the plugin, just click “Activate Plugin”.

Now that the plugin is installed and activated, you may follow along with the next steps to configure Sexy Contact Forms.

Adding Sexy Contact Form to your WordPress site

All contact forms from the Sexy Contact Form plugin are entered in using shortcodes. Shortcodes are small snippets that you may place within any page or post to link conteant within it.

  1. First, you will need to locate your shortcode for your form if ou do not already know it. To the left of your WordPress dashboard, you will see a menu option that says “Sexy Contact Form”. If you click on that menu option, it will take you directly into the setup options for Sexy Contact form.

  2. Now that you are in the control panel for Sexy Contact Form, click on Forms. This will allow you to view any forms that are created for your WordPress site by Sexy Contact form. This will also display the Shortcode for that particular form.

  3. In a new page or post, such as a page labeled as “Contact Us”, add the shortcode that you obtained from the previous step including the opening and closing brackets. Your form created with Sexy Contact Form will then be inserted on that particular page of your WordPress site.

Creating new forms with Sexy Contact Form

In the previous steps, you learned how to install, activate, and insert your form from Sexy Contact Form into your WordPress site. Now, we will teach you how to create a new form to use.

In the next step, you will click on Sexy Contact Form to the left of your WordPress dashboard, then click on Forms. From here, it will display all of your forms available. With the free version of Sexy Contact Form, you are only allowed a single form. This is just find if you only need something like a simple contact form. As you are only allowed a single contact form here if you are using the free version, simply delete the example form and create a new one by clicking on the “New” button.

Inside the “New Form” interface, ypou will see several options. Within this article, we will go over a few of the important fields.

  • Name: This is the name of the form. This is something that will only be shown within the back end of your WordPress dashboard.

  • Top Text: This is also the name of your contact form, but will be used on the top of the form when displayed on your website.

  • Pre Text: This is the text displayed right under the top text on the from of your contact form.

  • Message successfully sent: This is the message that is displayed to the user once the message is successfully sent using the contact form.

  • Send text: This field determines what the “Send” button says.

  • Send new text: This is the text of the “Send new” button on your contact form.

  • Close alert text: This is the text that is displayed within the alert box when closing out of the contact form without submitting the information typed.

  • Form width: This is the width of the form displayed. It can be entered in either pixels or a percentage.

  • Template: This field determines the particular template that the form will use when being displayed.

  • Enable Redirect: This box will determine if your user is redirected to another page after submitting your contact form.

  • Redirect Menu Item: In this dropdown box, you can select what page you want your users directed to if you have the Enable Redirect option enabled.

  • Redirect URL: If you want your form to redirect to a specific URL instead of a specific page on your WordPress site, you would enter that URL here.

  • Redirect delay: This option determines how long the Sexy Contact forms plugin will wait after the submission of the form to redirect to the page you have defined. (In miliseconds. 1000=1 second)

  • Show send me copy: This option determines if users are able to request a copy of the form that they sent to you.

  • Send me a copy text: This field allows you to change that the “Send me a copy” button looks like on the contact form.

Once you have created a new form, you may edit the shortcode within the page that you want Sexy Contact Form to display in, if you need to. It will then use your new form options that you have put in place.

Modifying form fields in Sexy Contact Form

Modifying form fields within the Sexy Contact Form plugin for WordPress is quite simple. To do so, click on Sexy Contact Form to the left of your WordPress dashboard. From here, then click on Fields.

By default, some example fields will already be there. You may modify these or create new ones. If you are using the free version of the Sexy Contact Form WordPress, you are limited to a maximum of 5 fields. This should be enough for more fimple contact forms. If you need to add an additional one, you will first need to delete a field. This can be done by selecting the filed with the checkboxes to the left and then clicking Delete to the right.

To create a new form field in Sexy Contact Form, click on New. From here, you may select various options such as Name, Form, Type, Required, and Status.

  1. First, enter the field name. This is a unique name that you want to display in both the contact form as well as any emails you receive from it.

  2. Then, determine the particular contact form that you want the field to be associated with and use the dropdown box to select it.

  3. Next, enter the type of field it will be. Try to pick the one that best matches what the user will be submitting as Sexy Contact Form will adjust the field being displayed accordingly.

  4. Then, just select the radio buttons to determine if the field is something that is required for the user to submit the form, as well as if it is published or not.

Editing the appearance of Sexy contact Form

Sexy Contact Form comes with several templates, as well as many other options within the Templates section of the Sexy Contact form settings. There are several options here that you can change around to adjust the look and feel of the form. While we will not go over every one of these settings in this article, I do recommend reviewing each of them to enable the best look and feel that will appropriately match your site. The pre-created templates are also quite attractive and will still lead to good results.

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