How to Uninstall WP Mail SMTP

Do you want to completely uninstall WP Mail SMTP? As we continue our series on the WP Mail SMTP plugin, we will now walk you through the steps. While it is the same process as removing any plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, there is an additional option for deleting all settings and data we will be going over.

Uninstall WP Mail SMTP

    1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Click Settings then WP Mail SMTP in the navigation menu.
    3. Select the Misc tab.

    4. Check the box to Uninstall WP Mail SMTP on the Misc settings page.

    5. Click the Save Settings button.

      You will then see a message stating “Settings were successfully saved.

    6. Click the Plugins link in the navigation menu.

    7. Find the WP Mail SMTP plugin and click the Deactivate link.

      You will then see a “Plugin deactivated” message.

    8. Click the Delete link under WP Mail SMTP.

    9. A box will pop up and ask “Are you sure you want to delete WP Mail SMTP and its data?” Click the OK button to completely remove this plugin and all settings.

      You will then see a message stating “WP Mail SMTP was successfully deleted.

Congratulations, now you know how to completely remove the WP mail SMTP plugin, along with all settings and data!

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