How to create a Set Donation form in Give

Now that you have installed the Give Donation plugin it is time to create your first form. You can create many different variations of forms and choose one based on each donation. Here we will demonstrate a basic ‘Set donation’ form.

Creating a Set Donation Form

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Donations option and then select Add Form.

  3. From the Add New Form page, give your form a name. Make sure it is meaningful as it will appear on the finished form page.

  4. Ensure your Donation Option is set to Set Donation.

  5. Now you can set the amount. Enter that in the Set Donation field. In our example, we entered $5.00.

  6. Leave everything else as is and click on the Publish button.

  7. To add the form to new page, click on Pages and then Add New.

  8. Enter the name of your page.

  9. Select the Add Donation Form button.

  10. Select your desired form from the dropdown.

  11. Now, click Insert Form.

  12. Verify that the shortcode is inserted into the page body, then click on Publish.

  13. You may also need to add the page to your navigation menu before it displays on your site.

Now your new set donation form will be active and viewable on your website.

Main Menu Donation Page

Thoughts on “How to create a Set Donation form in Give

  • I need the ability to add a donations tab into the page-

    I was assured during the purchade of hosting package this would be covered. 

    • Hello Zach,

      I can see a link to a donation page on your site. What specifically are you looking to do with a tab? Where would it be?

      Apologies if you were assured that would be covered, but this would be either coding or a function of the plugin, neither of which are part of standard support. We do try to cover as much material as possible for frequently asked questions, so keep checking back for new articles!

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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