Edit Grav Pages

After installing Grav, one of the first things you’ll want to do is edit your Grav site. Those familiar with Github, Mattermost, and Slack will understand much of the Markdown markup language used in Grav. Below we cover how to edit Grav pages via Admin plugin, cPanel File Manager, or FTP. Admin Manual Here is Read More >

Make a Favicon With GIMP

There are multiple ways to convert images into favicons. We even have a Favicon Generator tool. But it’s better to have offline options to accomplish goals. Below we cover how to create a favicon using GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). Create Favicon Install and open GIMP. From the top, select File and Open an image Read More >

Understanding Markdown

Many applications use the Markdown markup language – Grav, Github, MatterMost, and Slack – in lieu of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Below we cover commonly used Markdown tags. Markdown Basics Attribute Code Result Blockquote > Blockquote Text Blockquote Blockquote with Multiple Paragraphs > Blockquote 1 > > Blockquote 2 Text Blockquote 1 Blockquote 2 Bold Read More >

Display a Cookie Consent Banner with Grav

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations have brought privacy concerns to the forefront for website owners who haven’t before done so before. Below we cover how to how to display a consent banner in Grav. Display a Cookie Consent Banner Log into Grav. Install “Cookie Consent”. Customize the Content, Colors, and Position & Style settings. Read More >

Change Grav Favicon

A favicon is a quiet but important part of branding. It shows your logo whenever someone is on your website. Below we’ll change the favicon in Grav. Change Favicon Upload the favicon using cPanel File Manager or FTP. Navigate to the /user/themes folder. Enter your current theme’s /theme folder. Enter the /images folder. Replace the Read More >

Enhance Grav with Quick Tray Links

Having the ability to customize quick links on your Grav dashboard helps you optimize your workflow. Below we cover how to add quick links to your Grav dashboard. Looking for cheaper but full-featured website hosting? Check out our Business web hosting after adding your quick tray links. Add Quick Tray Links Log into Grav. Install Read More >