Can the Builder meet my website building needs?

If you have no experience with programming a website and you need a quick solution without much need for control, then the Plesk Premium Web Builder (or Builder for short) may be the solution for you. The Builder is a capable solution that can let you put together a quick website using preformatted solutions for a blog, ecommerce or gallery website. You can always demo the Builder without registering a license for it by going to Plesk Premium Web Builder login page. Do not login, just click on the middle of the page to create your website, or click on the numbered items in the top corner to proceed with building a website in demo mode.

Evaluating the Builder for your website building needs

The Builder can build a great website, but it does not provide complete control or functionality for all of the features of a gallery, blog or ecommerce website. If you are not sure if the Builder is a good fit for your website building needs, go through the following questions to help evaluate your expectations for a website building application:

How do your rate your website building skills?

  1. Beginner
  2. Amateur, but you have a good understanding of how your website should look and operate
  3. Semi-pro – You can code websites and you have some design experience
  4. Professional – you build websites for money
  • 1: The Builder is a great solution for a beginner. It can also be a solution for building a quick website with little or no need to customize or control different aspects of the website appearance.
  • 2-4: If you are experienced in building websites, then you may need to look at a different website building tool

Are you building a blog or ecommerce website? Or do you have another specific purpose in mind for the website that may require certain functionality?

  1. I’m building a simple website with no specific functional purpose (for example: gallery or online shop).
  2. I need the complete functionality of a blog or ecommerce website.
  3. My ecommerce store will have thousands of products and serve customers across several continents.
  • 1: If you’re building a basic site or you’re just experimenting with a blog or ecommerce site and just want the basic features, then you may consider the Builder as a solution.
  • 2-3: If you’re building a blog or ecommerce site that will either be sizable or have a larger customer base. The Builder has some basic ecommerce functions, but trying to include more complex features such as custom shipping, taxation, or product organization methods will not be available to you. Again, there many competent, and free options that you can consider.

Do you need to be able to customize any part of the website that you are building?

  1. I only need to change a few images from time to time. I don’t need to change the theme formatting.
  2. I occasionally want to change the look of my website so I want some ability to customize.
  3. I need full control over all aspects of the website appearance and functionality.
  • 1: If you only need to be able to edit a few images and need minimal control of the website functionality, then the Builder may be a good fit for you.
  • 2-3: If you need complete control or more control than just editing images or a little bit of the formatting, then you will want to find a different solution to build your website.
  • This questionnaire was aimed at helping to identify your expectations for building your website. If you find that all of your answers were #1, then you may find that the Plesk Premium Web Builder is a solution you can consider. If you expect to have more control and full functionality for the type of website you are building, then you may want to look at a different solution. Check out our Getting Started Guide: Website. The Builder is a capable solution for building a website, but it’s not for everyone and we want to make sure that you’re not cornered into a solution that we suggest – especially when it may not suit your needs.

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