Understanding Caching

If you’ve interacted with the internet in any capacity you’ve seen the word cache or caching. But what is caching and why are people telling you to clear your cache? This article will explain caching and why it’s an important piece of your internet experience.  What is Caching? Clearing Your Cache Experience superior performance and Read More >

Resource Overage

Account Resource Overage This article is geared for customers who may have exceeded normal usage for their server. While upgrading is an option, many of the reasons you receive this message do not require an upgrade and can be addressed relatively easily. We have listed the top reasons that can cause high usage below along Read More >

What is Nginx?

Nginx (engine-x) is a HTTP and reverse proxy server, which is very similar to Apache. It directs traffic to the correct location on the server based on its configuration files. Using/Installing this software does require root access to your server. Throughout this series we will go over how to install Nginx and remove Apache from Read More >

How Do I Restart My Server?

Here’s a quick summary of how to reboot VPS and Dedicated servers. Request Support for reboot Business Level accounting: Contact Live Technical Support to request reboot WHM restartAMP Restart VPS (without Root access): Able to restart services in WHM. They can also restart services by using AMP. AMP RestartWHM RestartCommand Line Reset VPS (with Root Read More >