How to publish with iWeb

This tutorial will walk you through publishing your website with iWeb to your web hosting account.

Please keep in mind, when you publish your site for the first time, you will want to use the “Publish Site” button to publish your entire website. If you make changes to the website, you’ll want to use the “Publish Site Changes” button instead. This will keep from re-publishing every file and only publish files that changes were made to.

  1.  Open iWeb and load the website you are working with.
  2.  To set up your publishing settings, click your site title in the left menu.
  3.  Configure your publishing settings as follows: Select “FTP Server” enter “public_html
    Publishing Settings
    Publish To: Select “FTP Server
    Site Name: Enter “public_html”
    FTP Server Settings
    Server Address Enter “” (be sure to replace this with your actual domain name)

    Please keep in mind, if your domain is not pointed to InMotion Hosting or you have not allowed 4 – 24 hours for propagation use your server name instead of your domain name. Your server name is shown as the Hostname in your account’s Technical Details in AMP.

    Username Enter your cPanel username
    Password Enter your cPanel password
    Directory/Path (leave this blank)
    Protocol Select FTP
    Port Enter 21
    Website URL Enter “” (replacing “” with your actual domain). If your domain is not pointed to InMotion Hosting’s Nameservers or you have not allowed 4 – 24 hours for propagation, you can use your temporary URL.

    Publishing to an Add-on Domain

    The settings above should be used when publishing to your primary domain. When publishing to add-on domains. you will need to update your settings slightly. Assuming your add-on domain is “” and its document root is public_html/ you will need to use the following settings:

    Publishing to an Add-on Domain
    Site Name (replace with your actual domain)
    Directory/Path public_html
  4.  Click the “Test Connection” button to ensure you have entered the correct settings.
  5.  To Publish your site, click either:

    File – Publish Entire Site (or)
    File – Publish Site Changes

Due to the way iWeb publishes via ftp, the above directions actually have you set the “Site name” to the “Directory/Path“, and leave the”Directory/Path” blank. After publishing, iWeb will tell you to access your website via, however you only need to use


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