How to Install PIP Modules

Installing PIP, short for “Python Installs Packages,” grants access to Python applications that aren’t installed alongside Python. They might also be unavailable from your Linux server’s native package manager – apt (Debian/Ubuntu), yum (CentOS), emerge (Gentoo), zypper (openSUSE), etc. The Python Package Index (PyPI) – – includes Python packages for many essential use cases Read More >

How to Install PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0 introduces many new features including Just In Time (JIT), type juggling, named arguments, and union types. Don’t worry. PHP 7.4 will be actively supported until the end of 2021. This gives website owners plenty of time to upgrade your server PHP version for top performance and security. Read more about PHP 8.0 features Read More >

Git Hooks (and How They Work)

Git Hooks are basically scripts that you can trigger with a Git event. They come in both local and remote varieties. Local git hooks include scripts that you can trigger before you commit. A good example of a remote hook might be a trigger that springs into action when you push to your remote repository. Read More >

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New Customer Getting Started Guide

Welcome to InMotion Hosting! Now that you have a new web hosting account, it’s time to achieve your web goals. Getting started is easy — even if you have never set up a website before. No matter your experience level or needs, the below guide will help you get started with your new web hosting Read More >