Creating a Movie Review Site – Part 4 – Under Construction Pages

Date: 11/8/19  2 Minutes To Read

Now we’re getting to the exciting part of the journey. In the previous article in the series you learned about installing WordPress. You’re almost ready to start building your site. But before we get there, you need to create a maintenance or “under construction” page. It’s like a screen to cover your site until it’s ready for launch.

A maintenance or “under construction” page lets you develop your site behind the scenes and launch it only when you’re ready.

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WordPress Maintenance Page Plugins

The easiest way to add a maintenance page to your site involves using a WordPress plugin.

Timing is everything in this early stage. It’s best to install your maintenance plugin and activate it before DNS fully propagates. This may mean using a hosts file to start working on your site right away.

Alternatives To Plugins

You are not required to use a plugin, but that is definitely the easiest way. Here are some alternatives you could explore:

  1. Maintenance redirect with .htaccess
  2. TEMP URL development

These are more advanced options, but with help from our support team, you could consider them for your project.

Why Use a Maintenance Page?

Your site is new. This means you haven’t built up significant traffic yet. You can use this easy time to your advantage. Build your site in the background before launching it to the public.

Also, while your maintenance page is up, your site is not being crawled by search engines. This means your site is invisible until you’re ready to launch it. If search engines start crawling your site before it’s complete, they will be saving a poor, underdeveloped version of your site. This is not good for your future rankings. You want to only release your site when you think the world is ready for it.

In the next article, you will learn about choosing a theme for your site.

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