Creating a Movie Review Site — Part 8 — Privacy Policy

Date: 11/14/19  2 Minutes To Read

In the previous article, you learned about creating custom post types and how they can keep your movie review site organized. Now, we are going to explore privacy policy pages and why you need one on your site.

A privacy policy informs your visitors of their rights with regard to storage of their personal information. It’s an important document that every site needs. Thankfully, WordPress comes with onboard support for creating a privacy policy page with just a few clicks.

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Data Privacy Regulations

In 2018, data privacy regulations kicked into high gear with GDPR in the EU. Similar regulations are being considered in the US and elsewhere. Basically, you should take no chances when it comes to the collection of user information.

You may be wondering, what kind of data am I collecting? WordPress stores a minimal amount of user data in order to provide some convenience features. Browser cookies store information that allow your users a quick login for your site. Likewise, comment forms collect some optional data.

In addition to helping you create a privacy policy page, WordPress also has tools that let you send a user all the data you on them and, if requested, delete it—in order to help you comply with GDPR standards. Even if you are not intending to reach users in the EU, it’s considered a best practice to create a privacy policy.

How To Set Up Your WordPress Privacy Policy Page

In order to add your privacy policy page, just follow the steps in this complete guide:

In the next article, you will learn about creating the masthead for your movie review site.

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