How to Find Your Server Python Version

Date: November 26, 2019          1 Minute to Read Below we cover how to find your Linux server or workstation Python version using the terminal. This helps you ensure you meet requirements for installing web applications such as Ansible automation software. Find Python Version Login to SSH. Run the python -V or python –version command. If you Read More >

zip and unzip Commands – Basic Archiving

Date: 10/28/2019          1 Minute to Read Learn how to create, extract, and list files within a compressed zip archive in Secure Shell (SSH), or cPanel Terminal, with the zip and unzip commands. Create an archive Extract Files List Archived Files Spend more time working on your website than setup with our Shared Business Hosting – Softaculous Read More >

Engrampa Archive Manager for Linux

Date: 10/23/2019          1 Minute to Read In this article we’ll cover Engrampa, the default archive manager for many Linux desktop distributions using the MATE desktop environment (DE). This fork of File Roller archive manager covers many file types including .zip, .7z, .rar, .tar, and Brotli ( Create an Archive Extract Files Do you prefer Debian-based server Read More >

Stop Processes in Htop

VPS Hosting users can install the htop command to easily see what processes are using excessive resources using the terminal, or command line interface (CLI). Once noticing the process(es), you’ll want to be able to fix the issue on the spot. Therefore, we’ll cover how to find and kill a process in htop. Keep in Read More >

How to Create a Database Using MySQL from the Command Line

If you need to create a database for your website there are multiple ways to do it. In this guide, you can learn how to create a MySQL database using the command line. IMPORTANT: This guide is inteneded for use with our Cloud VPS (and other hosting plans that do not include cPanel). If your Read More >

How to Change A Server’s Hostname Using the Command Line Interface

Changing the hostname of your server may be necessary for several reasons. For example, if you are utilizing your server as a Mail Server for your domain(s) hosted, then changing the hostname can prevent your emails from going to Spam/Junk. In this article, you can learn how to change your server’s hostname from the command Read More >

WP-CLI search-replace Command

In This Tutorial: Site URL HTTP to HTTPS WP-CLI, WordPress Command Line Interface makes managing your WordPress website(s) simple if you are affluent in working through the Command Line Interface (CLI). InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting includes WP-CLI to supplement managing your WordPress website(s). For example, the WP-CLI command search-replace will search for a string of Read More >

Basic APF Commands

In this tutorial: Allow IP’s Block IP’s Unblock IP’s In this Dedicated Hosting tutorial we will cover basic APF commands. The basic commands include Allowing IP’s, Blocking IP’s, and Unblocking IP’s. After explaining what the command does, we will show you an example of the APF Command. Note that you will require root access in Read More >