How to reset your Joomla Password

Updated: 11/19/2019          1 Minute to Read

If you’re forgotten your Joomla password, you can reset it by using phpMyAdmin.

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Reset Password

  1. Log into cPanel and access phpMyAdmin.

    Note: If you don’t have Joomla! hosting services through InMotion Hosting or your current host does not use cPanel, please contact your current hosting provider for additional information on how to manage your databases.

  2. Click your Joomla database name in the left menu.
  3. Click on the jos_users table in the left menu. If your tables have a prefix other than “jos“, find and click on the table that is similar to _users.
  4. Find the admin account you need to reset the password for and click the pencil icon to the left of it to edit it.
  5. Set the password field to MD5.
  6. Type in your new password under Value.
  7. Click Go.

Congratulations, you have successfully reset the password for your Joomla user! If you refer to the screenshot above, in our testing we can now login as the “admin” user using “newpassword” as the password.

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