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The following article discusses the typical reasons for adding an IP address and the guidelines used for granting the IP address. If you are looking for more information on adding additional IP addresses to your account, this can be accomplished using your access to the Account Management Panel (AMP). Please go to How to Obtain Additional IP Addresses using AMP for a tutorial explaining the necessary steps.

Reasons for getting a Dedicated IP Address

There are a wide variety of uses for obtaining a dedicated IP address. Generally, it's a very simple requirement because you are using it for a specific purpose, such as requiring it for a SSL certificate installation. Here's a quick list of common reasons:

  • SSL Certificate/Security
  • VPS/Dedicated Server
  • Be able to access a server via IP address

Why would an IP request be denied?

Requests are normally honored, but there are some cases where the request for an IP address is denied. Here are some typical reasons why they may be denied:

  • You are not using an SSL certificate
  • You're not on a VPS/dedicated server
  • You have very little actual web traffic
  • Getting it for purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Based on these items, you may not need a unique IP address and a request "just to have it" would normally be denied. Business Hosting accounts are limited to a single additional IP address. If you require more than one IP address, then you would need to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated server account. Another commonly denied request is to use it for reasons of being anonymous in order to send out large numbers of messages/emails. In both of these cases, IP addresses will typically not be granted in order to conserve the resource and enforce responsible stewardship of the address. Finally, obtaining a dedicated IP for the purpose of improving your search results is a myth that has been dispelled by Google's Matt Cutts. You can find a great explanation of this issue here: Virtual Hosts vs. Dedicated IP addresses.

Policies for Managing IP Address Distribution

The cases where an IP request is not granted derive from the four main principles in the ARIN policies. For the specific policies, you can go to the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual. The policy manual is extensive and difficult to understand, but the four principles listed in the beginning of the manual are the foundation for the policies that govern how resources are distributed. Here is a list of those principles:

  • Registration - ensure uniqueness, provide point of contact, provide transparency of usage, assist in IP allocation studies
  • Conservation - efficient use of available unique addresses
  • Routability - ability to rout the internet addresses in a scalable manner
  • Stewardship - guarantees the application of these principles when managing the distribution of addresses

What is ARIN?

The determination of these guidelines are based on the principles developed by ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers). ARIN is an organization called a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) that is responsible for the regions of Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States. As per their website: "Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are nonprofit corporations that administer and register Internet Protocol (IP) address space and Autonomous System (AS) numbers within a defined region. RIRs also work together on joint projects." These organizations are international entities created to help govern the internet. To learn more about ARIN, please go to their website. They provide both a PDF document and a flash video that explains the organization and its mission.

Who reviews the IP requests at InMotion Hosting?

In all cases, our Systems team review the requests and are the final arbiters in the decision to grant an IP address. IP addresses are a valuable resource. The current IPv4 iteration has a limited number of addresses at this point, so conservation of these resources are important. We are determined to be responsible managers of the resources that we give to our customers. This helps to provide a safe and productive environment on the internet.

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2015-07-29 11:49 am

i think you and only your hosting company is following ARIN guidelines....

2015-04-10 1:05 pm
Why does every other hosting company sell dedicated IP's like popcorn yet here my plan says I get 2 but I cant have the second one unless its Approved?
30,400 Points
2015-04-10 3:20 pm
Hello todcan5,

Thank you for contacting us. We are following the main principles put out by ARIN as described above. ("ARIN is an organization called a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) that is responsible for the regions of Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States")

Anyone issuing IP addresses in these countries should be following a similar policy.

Thank you,

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