Getting Started with Shared Hosting

Getting know Shared hosting at InMotion Hosting

Getting to Know Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an economical solution that is easily scalable for websites that do not require a lot of resources. Basically, if your site is static and simply displaying information, then you may want to consider shared hosting as your website hosting solution of choice.

InMotion Hosting provides three different levels of shared website hosting called Business Hosting. These solutions include Launch, Power, and Pro. Each of these options provides the disk space, bandwidth, and email capability to suit most website developments. Each shared hosting account also gets a free SSL as well as access to applications that can be used to build websites. It’s also easy to scale up or down to each solution based on your hosting needs.


If you need a quick, simple solution for a single website, then Launch may be your ideal solution. You can host up to 2 websites at a low monthly price.


This option allows you to serve up to 6 different websites. You also get improved performance with more access to CPU and RAM resources. This website hosting solution is great for small businesses.


If you want to provide a hosting service of your own, then you should use the Pro level of shared hosting. With this account type, you can host an unlimited number of websites. Like the Power account, you have the advantage of improved CPU and RAM resources for better website performance


For more information about all of the options that you get with Business Class website hosting with InMotion Hosting, please see this website page.

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