FAQ: Adding Images or Graphics in the Builder

The requirements and interface differ for each section where you can add graphics within the Builder. You can add graphics in the design (banner and logos), the editor (for a blog/forum/common page), Adding a picture to a blog/forum/common page uses a picture optimized for website use. This means that the image will be considerably smaller and optimized for quick loads for the web page.

Using the Editor to add images in the Builder

Open File manager options

One of the common interfaces that you will see in the Builder is the Editor interface. This interface is used to enter text and images and provide ways to format without having to know how to code.

When you are adding images in a non-gallery page, you will see the folowing contraints:

  • Recommended max size = 200KB
  • Supported graphic file formats are .gif, .jpg, jpeg, .png, .bmp

The recommended max file size is not absolute, but it does depend upon the area that you are adding a graphic. The editor allows you to add an image in a table, forum, blog, eshop or anyplace that text (and an image) can be added within the website that you are creating. You should keep all image sizes as minimal as possible in order to provide an optimal viewing experience for your visitors.

The following article explains how you add an image or graphic through the Builder interface: Adding an image with the editor

Adding Graphics in the eShop

Open File manager options

When you are adding images in the eShop, you should keep the images as optimized as possible. Use the same rule of thumb for the images (200kb) for the product image or images that you add into its description.

Adding Banners or Logos in the Builder

If you are adding a custom banner or logo to the Builder it is important to note the size of the graphic, since you would have to match it if you were to replace it. You should also note that the template type can determine how you would edit the banner. We have some tutorials that can help guide you through this process:

The important thing to note about working with the banner is if it is dynamic or static. If it is dynamic, a small portion of the graphic is being used to adjust with the size of the window expanding on the page. Check out the articles to determine if the banner is static or dyanmic:

  • Determine if your template is dynamic

    If you’re trying to determine the Banner size or Logo size, then reference these guides:

    Note: The maximum size of a logo is 320×320 pixels and the supported formats include: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, and .png.

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