316: How to enable the content editor toolbar in the builder

When working with the Premium Website Builder to design your site, you will see there are many areas to understand and get used to. One of these is the Edit interface. This is Step 4 and is the area where you will enter content for all of the pages that will display on your site. There is a toolbar at the top that has various setting to help you in the design. Sometimes, that toolbar is not visible. As the interface can be quite cluttered and confusing for a new user, we have designed the quick tutorial below to help you find and enable that toolbar.

Enabling the Edit interface buttons in Premium Website Builder

  1. Log into the Premium Website builder.
  2. click on the edit step from the menu

    From the entry page, look to the upper right corner and select Step 4, also known as the Edit step.

  3. Once in the main Edit area, select a page from the left hand menu that is a normal page, such as the Home page.
  4. click the arrow to expand the tooolbar area

    Once the editable area appears for the content page, look to the border between the page and the left hand menu. At the top of this area, you will see a small down arrow. Click that arrow to expand and enable content editor the toolbar.

    before the toolbar is re-enabled

    after the toolbar is re-enabled

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