How to Install WooCommerce Sample Data

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install sample data in WooCommerce. When you are using WooCommerce to build an online store it can be helpful to setup example products. You can then get familiar with using WooCommerce by seeing how a live site would look. You can import the sample data with an “.xml” or “.csv” file. In this guide, we are using the .xml file option.

Install Sample Data

  1. Download WooCommerce from the the plugin page and extract (or unzip) the folder to your computer.

  2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Click Tools then Import in the navigation menu.

  4. Under WordPress click the Install Now link.

  5. Click the Run Importer link under WordPress.

  6. On the Import WordPress page, click the Choose File button.

  7. Open the WooCommerce folder you extracted in “Step 1” and select the “sample-products.xml” file in the “sample-data” folder.

  8. Click the Upload file and import button.

  9. By default, the imported products will be assigned to an author named “Ryan Ray” but you can enter a new user name, or assign it to an existing user. In this example, I am assigning the posts to the “admin” user.

  10. Check the box to “Download and import file attachments” then click the Submit button to import the products.

    You will then see a message stating “All done.

  11. Click the Products link to see the newly imported sample products.

Congratulations, now you know how to install sample data in WooCommerce!

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