Maintenance ecbiz111 failover to backup hardware

Issue:Server ecbiz111 server maintenance
Status:Fully restored to original hardware.
Who is impacted? Those users on
You can find what server you are on here.
Estimated time until resolution:Resolved May 30, 2013

2013.05.30 1:30 pm EST

Our Systems Administrative team has finished hardware restoration and the server is now back to normal operation. Sorry for all the trouble this caused during the hardware change.

2013.05.29 4:30 pm EST

The InMotion Hosting Support team will be failing over ecbiz111 to backup hardware on Tuesday the 28th in order to run maintenance on the server. We apologize for the server downtime. The shared server ecbiz111 failover is currently being moved to backup hardware while we work to check the file system on original hardware. If the data transfer moves quickly, there is a chance the server will be failed back over to its original hardware quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience while we work through this process. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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