Changing the Page and File names in the Builder

The page and file names in the Builder are basically named page1, page2, etc. These can easily be changed to something that makes more sense to you or a viewer. The following article explains how to change this name in the Builder.

Page and file renaming in the Builder

  1. Login to the Builder
  2. Click on EDIT
  3. By default, when you first open the editor, the page that you are viewing is the HOME page. If you have already used the EDIT option before, then you’ll typically be on the last page that was opened. Look at the bottom lefthand side of the page and you’ll see several items with corresponding text entry boxes. Click in the text of the first box labeled Page Title.
  4. The default page is typically named HOME. Click in the box and change the name if you want to use a different reference name for the page. After you’re done editing the Page title, click in the next box down that is labeled PAGE FILE NAME.
  5. Here you can change the name of the file representing the page. Changing the name here also makes it easier to recognize in the URL This also aids in a search. Therefore, always carefully name your pages. The name should describe the contents of the page.
  6. When you are done making changes, click in the top left corner where you see the SAVE CHANGES button. Click on it to save your current changes.

Changing the file name makes it easier to recognize links that are generated for the website. This not only helps you and your customers, but also search engines when you have a site map for your website.

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