The Complete Guide to cPanel Backups

cPanel comes with an extensive suite of built-in backup tools. Below, we cover how to use these cPanel Backup utilities to both backup and restore files on your cPanel account. InMotion Hosting also offers Backup Manager to keep your account backed up and secure. Get the best in cPanel backup tools at an affordable price Read More >

The Value of Different Types of Backups

Should you use WordPress backups, a database backup, or something more comprehensive like Backup Manager or WHM scheduled cPanel backups? The answer is yes! Different backup solutions solve different problems. Some backups are quicker to restore, while others are more comprehensive. If you ever find yourself facing a crisis, more backups will mean more options. Read More >

How to Install Nextcloud on CentOS 8

When using CentOS 8, you may find yourself looking for an open source cloud storage solution that you can use to set up your own file sharing network between your various devices. One option is Nextcloud, the open source cloud storage software. This software can be installed on most devices available today, making it a Read More >

How to Install Nextcloud on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

When setting up a new server running the Linux operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you may find yourself looking for an open-source cloud storage solution that would allow you to easily move data between your various devices. One such solution is Nextcloud, a popular open source cloud storage solution that can be installed on most Read More >

AWS Transfer Guide

In this article we will outline how you can transfer data from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting platform to your InMotion Hosting hosting platform. This process requires the use of Command Line tools such as SSH and RSYNC. As such we only recommend doing this if you are comfortable with using a command line Read More >

How to Create Grav Backups

Most content management systems (CMSs) have security and backup plugins available to improve performance and security to your preferences. Grav includes these features natively within the Admin plugin. Similar to cPanel backup scheduling in WebHost Manager (WHM) (for VPS / Dedicated Hosting only), Grav offers options to configure what’s included in backups, different backup configurations Read More >

Backup Manager’s Exceeded Storage Space Alerts

In this article: In this article, you can learn about the Backup Manager’s Exceeded Storage Space Alerts. You can also learn how to address the alert by maintaining your available backup storage or purchasing more backup slots. Understanding the Alerts Keeping website backups is crucial to ensuring the stability and security of your website data. Read More >

How to Backup Emails with Horde

You can create data backups at every level of web hosting – Webhost Manager (WHM) on VPS Hosting, cPanel on all Shared Hosting plans, and many popular content management systems (CMSs) including WordPress and OpenCart 3.0. Users with Webmail access, but not cPanel, should know how – and be encouraged – to save their data Read More >

Opt-out or Cancel Your Backup Manager Subscription

This article explains how to opt-out or cancel your subscription to Backup Manager.  With the new Backup Manager, you can manage the date and time schedule of your automated backup service by setting the backups to run daily, weekly, or even at a specific time. Once the backup is completed your data backup will be Read More >

Protect an Archived Backup

Up-to-date backups are important for a proactive security plan in case you need to migrate your BoldGrid site. However, there may be a specific scheduled backup before a major change you’d wish to keep regardless of retention settings. Below we cover how to protect a BoldGrid backup and add backup info in BoldGrid Backup. Protect Read More >

How to Enable or Disable Backups for Users of your VPS

Backups for a VPS are important for any one who is building a website. However, there are occasions where you may be managing a client who is taking up much more space than they should. In these cases, you may need to stop an account from making a backup because they are eating up precious Read More >

How to Set Up Backups on Cloud Server Hosting

Creating Automatic Backups in Cloud Server Hosting can easily be done through a few different methods: Snapshots, Scheduled Backups, and Version-control software/services. Automatic backups are important for providing peace of mind for you or your clients when managing web sites or web-based applications. Why make a backup? The answer to this question should really be Read More >

How to Restore a File from Trash in File Manager

Did you accidentally delete a file in cPanel? Your file may be in the “Trash” folder instead of permanently deleted. In this tutorial, we will show you how to view your File Manager Trash so you can restore the file to it’s original location. Keep in mind that this is separate from the Trash directory Read More >

Restore Backup to an Alternate Folder with Backup Manager

With InMotion Hosting’s Backup Manager, multiple backups are stored on a remote backup server. Instead of submitting a restoration request from AMP to restore data now, you can simply use the Backup Manager plugin in cPanel. In this guide, you can learn how to restore a backup created by InMotion Hosting’s Automated Backup Service to Read More >

Fixing BoldGrid Backup Email Notification Problems

The BoldGrid Backup plugin works with email notifications that work either with phpMail with no authentication or using an SMTP mail plugin using authentication. Due to heightened security practices, the phpMail option is often blocked. So, if you are using the BoldGrid Backup plugin, it is recommended that you use SMTP authentication to make sure Read More >

Scheduling cPanel Backups in WHM

With our VPS and Dedicated Hosting plans you can automatically perform cPanel backups. This allows you to schedule and save regular backups of your accounts to your server or an external destination such as Amazon, Google Drive, or FTP. In this tutorial, we will show you how to Configure cPanel Backups in WHM. Keep in Read More >