Adding the Site Map module in the Premium Web Builder

To give the visitors to your Builder site a way to find your pages, you can make a Site Map page to list all links in your website. Below are the steps to add the Site Map module o a page in your Premium Web Builder site.

Important! This is not the same as making a Google XML Site Map. The Builder Site Map will only show your page links in a list on one page.

Steps to add a Site Map to your site

  1. Log into the web builder.
  2. Select page Premium Web Builder

    Click the Edit tab at the top right of your builder.

    Select the page you want to add your site map to.

  3. Place cursor on page Premium Web Builder

    Place your cursor on the page where you want the site map to show.

  4. Find Site Map module Premium Web Builder

    Find the Site Map icon in the Modules section to the right of your builder.

  5. Drag the module to the page Premium Web Builder

    Drag the Site Map module to the location where you placed your cursor.

    Preview the module Premium Web Builder

    Now you will see the site map module in the page.

  6. Change the properties Premium Web Builder

    To configure the Site Map module click Properties.

  7. Click OK Premium Web Builder

    You can change the Layout and list style here. Change the Layout to 2 columns and click OK.

    Module from the builder Premium Web Builder

    Now the Site Map preview will show 2 columns.

    Publish your builder Site.


    View of Site Map Premium Web Builder

    Visit your builder site in your browser and go to your Site Map page. It should look like the snapshot to the right.

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