315: Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility with the Premium Web Builder

Compatability quirk in Internet Explorer Premium Web Builder


With the recent Microsoft upgrade to Internet Explorer 10, many Premium Web Builder developers noticed issues when editing pages on the Edit section of the builder interface. The pages will only display a small amount of HTML code in the Edit window. See the snapshot to the right.

Enabling Compatibility mode in Internet Explorer 10

  1. Log into the web builder.
  2. Click Compatability Internet Explorer Premium Web Builder

    Click the compatibility icon in your Internet Explorer Address bar at the top left.

    Document Mode Compatability Internet Explorer


    If you do not see the compatabilty icon, you can use F12 and click on “Document Mode” to find quirks mode or earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

  3. View with teh EWdit section looking normal Internet Explorer Premium Web Builder

    Go to the page you want to edit. You should see the content display normally again like the snapshot to the right.

For more FTP tips, see our guide on using FTP with Internet Explorer 7 or 8.


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