314: How to remove active pages from the Builder menu

When creating your site with the Premium Website Builder, you create the pages in the third step. This step is also used to create the site menu that appears on the page. By default, all pages added in the third step are automatically added to the menu. If you want to create a page but not have it display in the menu, you need to take extra steps. Below are instructions that demonstrate how to remove active pages from your menu in the Premium Website Builder.

Removing active pages from the menu for your builder site

  1. Log into the Premium Website Builder tool.
  2. From the upper right menu or the main screen, click on the Edit step (Step 4).
  3. Once inside the page editor, look to the left hand panel entitled Site Map and click on the page you want to remove from the menu. In our example, we will be removing the Common Page.
  4. The right panel refreshes with the selected page data. Look again to the left menu Site Map. Under the Site Map is the site the data for the selected page. At the bottom of the settings is a checkbox entitled Show this page in site map. Uncheck this box to remove the page from the menu.
  5. Click the Save Changes button found in the upper left corner of your screen. This will activate the change and remove the link from the menu once you republish your site. This does not remove any data on the page. Below is a before and after shot of a menu when removing our example Common Page from the menu.

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