312: How to create an image link in the Premium Website Builder

We frequently receive questions on how to add links or images to your Premium Website Builder pages. For those questions, we responded with articles showing how to do those tasks. However, after receiving many questions on how to make an image link (image that is also a hyperlink), we discovered we did not have a tutorial on that. Now we do! Follow along with the instructions below as we show you how to create an image that is also a link within your PWB (Premium Webste Builder) pages.

Creating image links in your PWB site

  1. Log into your Premium Website Builder account.
  2. select-edit

    From the main page, select the Edit step (step 4).

  3. Now, select the page you want to work with from the left hand menu by clicking on the page name. This will refresh the right hand panel with the page so you can edit it.
  4. From your selected page, place the mouse cursor where you want to insert the image. Once placed, insert your image there.
  5. after-image-insert

    Once the image is inserted, it is time to turn it into a link. Click on the image and then find the link icon link-iconin the toolbar across the top of the page.

  6. link-settings

    This opens up the link settings screen. Click the Browse Server button to go to the file list for your builder account.

  7. select-file

    From the file selection screen, click on the file name you want to create the link for. If you have not done so, click the Browse button to select a file from your local machine and then the Upload button to upload it to the server. It will then appear in the list.

  8. finish link settings and save

    After clicking the file name, you are brought back to the link settings page. You will see the data has changed. The link type is and the URL field has the path of the file. Don’t worry if it looks strange, you do not need to change it.

    It is also good practice to have the link open to a new page. To do that, click on the Target tab and set the dropdown to New Window (_blank). Click the OK button to set the link to the image. Your iamge link is now created and should function once you republish your site.


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