311: Uploading and Linking files in the Premium Website Builder

When using the Premium Website Builder, there maybe times when you want to link files to be opened or downloaded by your visitor. Below are instructions on how to do just that with your Premium Website Builder tool.

How to link files into Premium Website Builder pages

  1. Log into your Premium Website Builder
  2. If you are on the overview screen after logging in, select Step 4 (Edit) so you can edit the page you want to work with. If you are not on the overview screen, look to the upper right corner of the screen. You should see the same steps there in a menu. Click Edit from there as well.
    top menu edit icon
  3. Once on the Edit screen, select the page you want to work with from the left hand side menu. The right hand panel will refresh with that screen’s data.
  4. To link to a file, you first need some text to link. In our example, we will be linking to a pdf file. The specific text we want to create the link from will be ‘This is my pdf file.‘ To create the link, highlight the text in question and select the link icon from the top menu. It appears as a chain and globe.
    highlight text and click link
  5. This brings up a link editor where you will enter the data for the file. First, you will need to upload the file. To begin this process, click on the Browse Server button.
    click browse sever
  6. You are led to a screen where you can upload the file to the builder server. Any file uploaded here will also transfer to your hosting server during publishing. Click on the Browse button found at the bottom of the screen. This opens up a box where you can select the file you want to upload from your local machine.
    server upload screen
  7. After finding the file and clicking Open on the popup, you will see the path in the field next to the Browse Server button. Click the Upload button in the lower right corner to uplaod the file to the server.
    click upload button
  8. Once the file uploads, it will appear in the upper right panel. It is also designed as a link. Clicking the file name will cause it to automatically format and insert the data into the link editor popup.
    click file name to upload
  9. Optional: If you wish for the link to open in another tab, click on the Target tab to open up that setting area. From there, select New Window (_blank) from the dropdown menu and then click the OK button.
    set for new window
  10. If you did not follow the optional step above, click the OK button at the bottom of the popup to finish creating the link.
    data entered after upload
  11. You should now see the link in your editor. The text may also still be highlighted. From here, click on the Publish button in the upper right hand corner. You will be asked to apply changes, click Yes  to save the settings and begin the publishing of your site to your hosting server. Once it is finished, visit the site to confirm the link is there and click it to open or download your file.

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