Connect PrestaShop with Clicky Analytics

While registering for Clicky Analytics, PrestaShop 1.7 users can integrate Clicky Analytics with a free module available at Below we cover how to integrate Clicky with the free GetClicky module.

Connect Clicky Analytics

  1. Download the GetClicky module at
  2. Log into PrestaShop.
  3. Select the Modules & Services section from the left.
  4. Select Upload a module from the upper-right.
  5. Upload the downloaded module.
  6. After installing the module, select Configure from the Modules page.
  7. In another window, log into for the Site ID.
  8. Select Preferences to view your Clicky Site ID on the info page.
    Site ID in Clicky dashboard
  9. Insert your Site ID from and press Save.
    Clicky Analytics module settings

    You’ve successfully connected PrestaShop with

You can read more about custom coding tracking events at Learn more about analytics in our Clicky Analytics section.

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