An Introduction to Zend Framework

Zend Framework is an open-source object oriented web application framework for PHP 5. Zend Framework provides an advanced Model-View-Controller implementation that is designed to help you establish a basic structure for your Zend Framework applications. Zend Framework is often referred to as a “component library” since it has many loosely coupled components that you can use independently. Zend Framework is designed for programmers, allowing them to focus on their project without having to repeatedly write repeatitious code. 

Is Zend Framework Installed?

No, Zend Framework is not installed on the servers. If you would like to use it, you will need to install the Zend Framework yourself. Please see our tutorial on installing Zend Framework. Zend Framework can be installed and used on all of our servers. The installation guide will show you how to install it on a shared server.

When I look at my php.ini file I see the Zend Engine. What is that?

No, the Zend Engine is not the same as the Zend Framework. If you are looking into your php.ini file and see Zend Engine or Zend Optimizer it is not referring to the Zend Framework. Zend engine is a PHP execution engine that actually executes the PHP files. Zend optimizer is a free application that is able to execute certain encrytped files. The main function of Zend Optimizer is to improve the efficiency of PHP applications. It revised the code created by the encyption software (Zend Guard) and enhances it for faster performance. 

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