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We hear a lot about the future workforce development needs and the associated reasons to get our youngest generations into website coding, but what other reasons are there? Are there any cognitive learning benefits to web development skills? The trainers at offered some insight to us on these additional benefits.

Your child’s cognitive processing will develop significantly once you get her coding. A wide variety of thinking skills benefit from knowing how to code. Your child may also start to have better grades in school once he begins coding training.



Problem solving is one area that coding develops. According to an article on,  understanding programming logic forces the brain to process situations more analytically. When your child writes a few lines of code and a problem arises when his program doesn’t operate the way he wants it to, his knowledge of coding can help him isolate where he made a mistake. He can solve the problem by eliminating areas in which he knows he wrote the code correctly.

Furthermore, coding encourages your child to explore and learn on her own. Kids like to direct their own learning, and coding is naturally suited to this. Your child has control over what she learns through online tutorials, sharing ideas with other coders in online communities, and she can explore how to do something new in coding just because she is interested in learning how.

When programming, children also learn how to be persistent. When a problem comes up that they feel like they cannot solve, they are more driven to figure out how to solve it on their own because they created the program or game themselves. They are the owners of what they created, and they are determined to see it succeed. Being persistent is a necessary life skill, even if your child does not become a computer or software programmer in the future.

Lastly, kids learn to work as part of a team when they code. They share ideas in online communities and when they work with their friends in after-school coding clubs. They become confident in their own ideas enough to share them with others, and they learn to accept constructive criticism from their coding peers. They also learn enough about coding to feel able to help others. They take on leadership and follower roles as necessary in their learning journeys.

The cognitive benefits of coding are tremendous, and you can help your child succeed both academically and personally by helping him learn to code.

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